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  • Mail listing of Haryana TopCops for IT issues
    807 members Last activity 8 Dec
  • The group was born in the aftermath of Gujarat carnage. It continues to exist to build a broad based coalition to promote peace, justice, secularism and a harmonious India, wherein man made tragedies like the Gujarat carnage would not happen...
    368 members Last activity 6:18 pm
  • The ability to see, hear and speak are useless in the absence of adequate water. Water is the basis of life. Most life forms are born in water and live in it. O water stream come near me. You are the elixir of immortality. -Atharva veda...
    3095 members Last activity 9 Dec
  • egroup for the Madhya Pradesh Cader of IAS
    278 members Last activity 9 Dec
  • This group is created for fast & easy communication amongst Karnataka Municipal Reforms Project Staff.
    267 members Last activity 6 Dec
  • *********JAY MAHSUL************ The group is intended to provide a convinient channel of communication for revenue officers(Collectors,Additional Collectors,Deputy Collectors,Tahsildars...
    501 members Last activity 17 Nov
  • departmental outsider JTOs of BSNL
    132 members Last activity 14 Oct
  • An Association to promote development & welfare of IAS officers of UP cadre. The Association is affiliated to the Indian Civil and Administrative Service (Central...
    266 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • This is the group for members of the Indian Civil and Indian Administrative Service (IC&AS) Officers, which has been started on behalf of the Indian Civil...
    341 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • A meeting place for all course veterans who studied together
    212 members Last activity 24 Nov