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4261Indian SIlk Moth Saturnia pyretorum

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  • Sanjay Sondhi
    May 8, 2013
      Hello folks,

      Here is another pretty Saturniid from Nagaland, possibly the first record from the state, in fact the only record of it from India is from Sikkim. Known distribution includes China, Hongkong, Myanmar, Nepal, India (Sikkim). Hence this extends its known range. Ian, Roger and Peter's checklist of Saturniids for common names did not include this species, though Hampson does list it from Sikkim. 

      Indian Silk Moth/Fish-line Silk Moth  Saturnia pyretorum
      10 Mar 2013
      Chizami, 1,500 m
      Similar species: Saturnia pinratanai

      Sanjay Sondhi

      Titli Trust


      +91 135 2607452

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