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4313RE: [Indianmoths] id required please

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  • Ian Kitching
    Jun 11, 2013

      Hi Geetha,

                           Sorry, wrong family and off by quite a way I’m afraid. This is moth belongs to the genus Endoclyta in the family Hepialidae. The general shape, short antennae and relatively complete wing venation (which will be similar of the fore- and hindwings) are diagnostic. There are a number of species in this genus in India but I don’t know which this is.






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      From: Indianmoths@... [mailto:Indianmoths@...] On Behalf Of Geetha Iyer
      Sent: 11 June 2013 08:16
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      Subject: [Indianmoths] id required please



      Hello everyone
      Wondering if any of you experts or others can confirm whether my id is correct and if not help me find the right one.
      Photographed at Garo Hills.
      Thanks and Best wishes

      Geetha Iyer
      Consultant- Education
      Suchindrum -629704
      Kanyakumari dist., Tamil Nadu.

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