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4394Effect of light on colour of moth & ID pl

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  • Chittaranjan Sengupta
    Sep 22, 2013
      I got these two snaps of  same moth (most probably Orgyia Postica) using camera mounted flash & side   light from  fluorescent lamp respectively. It is a bit astonishing to note that when sidewise light from  fluorescent lamp ( the moth was sitting on a wall around 5 feet away from a 4 feet tube light mounted on same wall) was falling on the moth the colour of the encircled portion was bright & yellowish. But with direct torch light or flash of camera this portion was dark brown & comparable with other portions of its body.
      Can somebody  throw some light on this  effect or is it a known phenomena with moth & butterfly?
      I am also not sure about the species. Pl confirm the ID
      -Chittaranjan Sengupta