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4926Re: [ButterflyIndia] Butterflying in Devalsari, Uttarakhand

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    10 Jan 10:15 pm
      Great work, Sanjay.
      Looks a well organised initiative.
      Since individuals my find difficult to form groups to undertake trips, why don't you announce some tours from your end?

      On Monday, January 11, 2016 10:42 AM, "Sanjay Sondhi sanjay.sondhi1@... [ButterflyIndia]" <ButterflyIndia@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hello everyone,

      Titli Trust been supporting two community ventures in Uttarakhand, training local community youth in managing community-based nature tourism, in order to incentivize nature conservation and environment protection. The website for one of these locations, Devalsari, is now ready, link below. The local youth group here, Devalsari Environment Protection and Technology Development Samiti is actively involved in conservation activities, and nature-based tourism. 

      Devasari is 120 km from Dehradun, at an altitude of 1,500 m and an excellent butterflying, mothing and birding destination. Locally trained guides exist, as does accommodation. The best months for butterflying are April to June. Lots of West Himalayan specials such as Fawn Hairstreak, Walnut Blue, Silver Hairstreak, Water Hairstreak, numerous species of Arguses and lots more. 

      Folks who are interested to visit can write into me or call Arun Prasad at the society at +91 8650645385, 9557613851 . 

      Best regards

      Sanjay Sondhi
      Book on butterflies and moths of Pakke

      Book on butterflies of Garo Hills
      Titli Trust



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