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707Re: [Indianmoths] OHM - life cycle

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  • shubhada nikharge
    Mar 8, 2007
      Hi Rahul,
      Nice photo. Here is a lifecycle of OHM. It was really
      interesting. The cat preferred to feed on flowers.
      When flowers were not available it fed on leaves.
      (Food plant : Alstonia scholaris or devil's tree or
      saptaparni or satvin )

      I have noticed 2 types of caterpillers of the OHM;

      one that changed colours as if it was changing its
      outfits in a fashion show (cat1). It changed from
      green to brownish black till the day of pupation.
      (Pics of all stages are attached)

      The other one which was initially green in colour,
      turned brown and did not change the colour thereafter
      (cat 2).

      Both pupated in soil. The moths emerged were more or
      less similar. The pupation period was 13 and 16 days
      respectively for cat 1 and cat 2.
      Is it sexual dimorphism? can anyone explain?


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