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885Re: [Indianmoths] Re: [ButterflyIndia] French Poachers in Sikkim

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  • Roger C. KENDRICK
    Jul 31, 2007
      Hi Maan,

      Just googled Sinaev + Lepidoptera + India. Not much specific to the Indian fauna - http://www.maik.ru/abstract/enteng/3/enteng0469_abstract.pdf

      If collectors are legitimate, but not supported by academia or recognised institutions, if often takes years, even decades, for much of the material to be written up, simply because these people have day jobs that are usually totally unrelated to entomology. Trouble is, how does one know the collector is legitimate and not a dealer trying to boost their trade? This is why it's usually very difficult for non-affiliated collectors/taxonomists to get a permit, as government officials usually take the view that if someone is not affiliated to academia or an institution, they are dealers and thus refuse permits. I find it strange that legitimate amateur collectors don't always have the patience to go through the right channels to obtain permission to collect - after all, the process of curating, cataloguing and describing material is just as painstaking as going through the red tape to obtain permission!



      Maan Barua <maanbarua@...> wrote:
      A few years ago some Russian Lepidopterologists were caught in Sikkim with what the newspaper said "40kg of moths".  Things became so bad that one of them, Victor Siniaev, threatened to commit suicide if he wasn't allowed to leave.
      I believe they collected moths from all over NE India which did go to museums in Russia (Moscow?).
      Just out of academic interest, it would be interesting to see where their collections are and whether they have doe some taxonomic work.


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