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Online petition opposing Rani Bagh’s 20-fold entry fee hike

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  • shubhada nikharge
    Dear Friend, The Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation has set up anonline petition, http://www.saveranibagh.org/petitionN.php toregister public
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2017
      Dear Friend,

      The Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation has set up an online petition, http://www.saveranibagh.org/petitionN.php to register public opposition to BMC’s shockingly anti-people proposal to increase the entry fee to visit V.J.B. Udyan, from Rs. 5 to Rs. 100 per adult and Rs. 2 to Rs. 25 per child. We appeal to you, if you agree with our stand, to sign the petition, ‘We oppose BMC’s retrograde proposal of a 20-fold entry fee hike to enter V.J.B. Udyan (Rani Bagh)’, hosted on our website www.saveranibagh.org and to encourage your friends to sign too. Your email ID will not be displayed on the petition and will be kept confidential. The petition with the names of signatories will be sent to the Municipal Commissioner.

      To read a common protest note signed by representatives of environmental and open space groups, a former Supreme Court Judge, former Chief Secretaries and Municipal Commissioners please see the link:http://www.saveranibagh.org/openLetterToCM.php

      We solicit your support and request you to sign urgently as the proposal is soon to be placed before the Standing Committee and the House. 

      For Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation
      Hutokshi Rustomfram, Shubhada Nikharge, Sheila Tanna, Hutoxi Arethna, Katie Bagli
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