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    MOOTERS SOCIETY OF LAW CENTRE-I UNIVERSITY OF DELHI DELHI- 110 007 CONSTITUTION 2002 1. Name of the Society: The Society shall be called Mooters Society of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2002
      DELHI- 110 007


      1. Name of the Society: The Society shall be called 'Mooters Society
      of LC-1' and shall hereinafter be called 'Society'.

      2. Aims & Objectives: The main aims & objectives of the Society are:
      a) To inculcate practical skills of advocacy & legal temperament
      among the members.
      b) To organise Moot Court competitions and encourage members to
      actively participate.
      c) To compete in inter college, regional, national &
      international Moot Court events.
      d) To regulate & supervise funds for the purpose.

      3. Membership:
      a) The Society shall have two kinds of members - (i) ordinary
      members and (ii) executive members.
      b) All regular students of Law Centre-1 shall be the ordinary
      members of the Society automatically.
      c) Executive Members shall be selected as per the procedure
      prescribed under clause 4.

      4. Executive Committee:
      a) Executive Committee shall consist of 20 members.
      (i) Minimum of five members shall be from 1st Year LL.B.
      (ii) Minimum of five women members shall serve on the
      executive committee. Such women
      shall also be counted in the year to which they
      (iii) Once selected, each member serves for a period of two
      years. On expiry of the term, a
      member may be reselected.
      (iv) The endeavour shall be that there would be equal
      distribution of Executive Membership
      in the three years of LL.B.
      (v) A member who does not attend three consecutive
      meetings shall be deemed to have
      resigned. The decision of the teacher-in-charge in
      this respect shall be final.

      b) The Executive Committee shall normally be formed through the
      first Moot Court competition in each
      year. Whenever there are vacancies in the Executive
      Committee, the same may be filled up in any
      successive moot courts. However, the announcement for the
      same must be made one week in advance.

      c) If a requisite number of members are not selected from a
      particular year, members from such year/s
      participating in subsequent moot court competitions shall
      fill those vacancies.

      d) Each year, the first Moot Court Competition shall fill up the
      vacancies on the basis of ranking in the

      e) The Executive Committee shall select among them a convenor &
      co-convenor for its day to day

      f) The Professor-in-Charge of Law Centre-I shall be the Patron-
      in-Chief and Teacher-in-Charge of
      Moot Courts shall be the Patron of the Society.

      5. Meetings:

      a) A General Body meeting of the Society shall be held at least
      once in each semester. Notice of such a
      meeting shall be put by the Convenor on the notice board at
      least one week in advance, indicating the

      b) An Executive Committee meeting shall be held at least once a
      month (last Wednesday of the month,
      unless otherwise decided. In case of a holiday on that day,
      on the next working day).

      c) Agenda and minutes of all the meetings shall be recorded
      along with the attendence by the
      co-convenor. Each meeting shall start with a 'reading'
      and 'passing' of the minutes of the last meeting.
      The Convenor shall apprise the Executive Members of
      the 'action taken' since the last meeting.

      6. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

      a) To organise and facilitate the First Moot Court Competition
      for filling up the vacancies of the
      Executive Committee.

      b) To organise intra-class, inter-class and inter-year moot
      court competitions within Law Centre-I
      at least once every semester.

      c) To strive to organise a state-level, national-level and
      international level moot court competitions.

      d) To guide and encourage members of the Society to participate
      in Moot Court Competitions.

      7. Participation of Members in Competitions:

      a) Ordinary members shall be eligible to participate in all Moot
      Court Competitions as per rules for the

      b) Members of the Executive Committee shall not be eligible to
      participate in intra Law Centre-I level
      competitions. They shall, however, be eligible to compete
      for selection in the team for representing
      Law Centre-I in all other moot court competitions.

      8. Expenses for Moot Court Competitions:

      a) A clear account of the funds available and disbursed shall be
      kept by the office (accounts officer)
      of LC- 1 under supervision of the Patron and Convenor of the
      Executive Committee. Funds for moot
      court shall be used exclusively for activities related to
      promotion of moot court and similar practical
      training activities.

      b) For outstation moot courts competitions, the competitors
      shall be paid:
      (i) 2nd class rail fare, to and fro, with 50% concession
      wherever applicable, on production of

      (ii) Food expenses per day as per the University rules.

      (iii) Miscellaneous expenses like library fee, computer
      typing, Xerox, binding, postage, etc.,
      as per the actual expense, to a maximum limit of Rs.
      1000/- (collectively for the team).

      c) For Moot court competition within the NCT of Delhi (excluding
      the intra-Law Centre-1 moot court
      competitions) the competitors shall be paid miscellaneous
      expenses mentioned above to a maximum
      limit of Rs. 1000/- (collectively for the team).

      d) Advance payment to the tune of 50% of the estimated expenses
      may be given before the competition
      on a specific request made in writing and shall be
      adjustable in accordance with the final bills

      e) For an extraordinary situation, the Patron, Convenor and Co-
      Convenor of the Executive Committee
      shall decide.

      9. Certificate of Participation:

      a) An ordinary member of the Society shall not be eligible for a
      certificate of participation.

      b) All those members who participate in a Moot Court competition
      shall be given a certificate of
      participation / merit for each competition.

      c) An additional certificate of membership shall be given to the
      Members of the Executive Committee.

      10. Panel for Mooting:

      a) In general, an internal competition shall be held to select
      the team for faculty/ state / national /
      international level moot court competition.

      b) The Executive Committee members shall serve as a reserve
      panel. If the time available is limited,
      the participants shall be selected from the reserve panel.
      The team shall be selected in an emergent
      meeting of the Executive Committee by a majority vote of the
      members present, subject to submission
      of memorials by the selected team to the satisfaction of the
      patron of the Society.

      11. Amendment: This constitution can be amended at a General Body
      meeting, by a majority vote of the
      ordinary and executive members present, provided that the total
      number of members attending is not
      less than 10% of the total membership. Counting shall be by
      show of hands.
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