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38355Naraka Caturdashi wishes

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    Nov 8, 2015
      Priya Vaishnava Bhandavarae

      Nimmellrarigu nanna hrudayapoorva namanagalannu samarpane maadi, Naraka caturdashi dinada subhAsayagalannu tilisikolluttanae.

      Yee dinadalli naavu ellaru ondu sankalpa maadabaekku endu vigjnaapanae.  Naavellaru ondu gurugallnu sweekaaramaadi yathA sakthi sarvamoola granthagalannu darshana (parischaya) maadabaekku endu karava mugidu kaelikkolluttanae.

      Mundina varushada Narakacaturdashi andu naavu adyayaNa mAdida sarvamoola granthagallannu Bharati ramaNa mukhyaprAnAntargata, Sri Lakshmi NarAyaNa/Narasimha devaralli samarpanae maadikkollAna endu abhiprAya.


      Kitta Achar @ Krishnamoorthy

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