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42917Re: [SUMADHWASEVA] Discontinue usage of word "Mutt"

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  • thippa srini
    Oct 12, 2017
      Yes. Let us follow :

      On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 5:27, Raghu Rao rrao115@... [SUMADHWASEVA]
      <SUMADHWASEVA@...> wrote:

      Hare Sreenivasa,

      Please let's use "Matha" instead of Mutt whenever we refer to our Madhva places of worship.  Mutt is a very demeaning word and its meanings are as below according to the dictionary.  Kindly refrain going forwards.   Regards, Rao

      noun: mutt; plural noun: mutts
      1. 1.
        a dog, especially a mongrel.
        "a long-haired mutt of doubtful pedigree"
        synonyms:mongrel, hound, dog, cur, tyke; More
        informalmong, bitzer
        "a long-haired mutt of doubtful pedigree"
      2. 2.
        a stupid or incompetent person.
        "he pitied the poor mutt who ever fell for her charms"
      इनलाइन छवि

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