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42926Re: [SUMADHWASEVA] Re: Discontinue usage of word "Mutt"

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  • Jagannath Adavi
    Oct 14, 2017
      Dear All,

      I feel that 

      1. MATAH could be understood as ಮಟ:

      2.MATHA could be understood as ಮತ.

      I feel that those who are very particular about pronunciation should insert ಮಠ, in context, in kannada script.  This is  not difficult; simply save ಮಠ  in a convenient place in your computer/mobile, and copy/paste the word appropriately.  In conclusion, I wonder how many people reading SUMADHWASEVA are conversant with the English dictionary meaning of MUTT.  In any case, MUTT in English refers to an animal or a person; why stretch the meaning to connote an institution?

      Hare Srinivasa,

      J. V. Adavi

      On 13 October 2017 at 14:23, DNR Rao dnrrao@... [SUMADHWASEVA] <SUMADHWASEVA@...> wrote:


      I feel the word "matha" suggested instead of mutt, is also incorrect. In my opinion it should be only "MATAH".
      Hare Shriniasa
      Sajjana sevaka

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