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42931Re: [SUMADHWASEVA] Re: Discontinue usage of word "Mutt"

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  • Jagannathan R
    Oct 15, 2017
      As per my opinion we need not give much weightage to nouns.

      For example in marriage invitations(traditional) we are using Sow.  For bride and Chi for groom ie sowbhagyavathi and chiranjeevee respectively.

      Actually sow is used for female swine in English

      Especially in in 1900s it was used only for female pigs.

      Then some people changed instead of sow to sou but still  many are using Sow.

      Sunny is a religion subsect name
      But it is an unparliamentary word in An Indian language.

      In the affidavit it self it is used mutt 
      Please see the following


      In 1956 itself

      So kannada word and writing in English need not be taken it as serious in my view

      Learned can follow as per their wisdom

      With the little(or no) knowledge I submit the above

      On 16-Oct-2017 5:04 am, "Jagannath Adavi jadavi@... [SUMADHWASEVA]" <SUMADHWASEVA@...> wrote:

      Dear All,

      I feel that 

      1. MATAH could be understood as ಮಟ:

      2.MATHA could be understood as ಮತ.

      I feel that those who are very particular about pronunciation should insert ಮಠ, in context, in kannada script.  This is  not difficult; simply save ಮಠ  in a convenient place in your computer/mobile, and copy/paste the word appropriately.  In conclusion, I wonder how many people reading SUMADHWASEVA are conversant with the English dictionary meaning of MUTT.  In any case, MUTT in English refers to an animal or a person; why stretch the meaning to connote an institution?

      Hare Srinivasa,

      J. V. Adavi

      On 13 October 2017 at 14:23, DNR Rao dnrrao@... [SUMADHWASEVA] <SUMADHWASEVA@.... in> wrote:


      I feel the word "matha" suggested instead of mutt, is also incorrect. In my opinion it should be only "MATAH".
      Hare Shriniasa
      Sajjana sevaka

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