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42937MYP Wishes Very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali!

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  • Aravind Madabhavi
    Oct 17, 2017
      || AnaMda tIrtha bhagavatpAdAn vaMdE niraMtaraM ||

      Inline image 1     MADHWA YUVA PRATISHTHANA ®

           Inline image 2



      May we Know the Divine Essence of Mahalakshmi by Meditating on Her, who is the Consort of Sri Vishnu,
       Let That Divine Essence of Lakshmi Awaken our Spiritual Consciousness.

      Dear Madhwa Bandhugale,

      On the auspicious occasion of Deepavali,  MYP wishes all its readers a very happy, safe and bright Deepavali.


      May this Deepavali, illuminate minds of our brethren with the grace and Light of ShrI Hari Vayu GurugaLu.


      During this festival, the lighting of Deepa is auspicious to dispel darkness, ignorance, and evil from the world.

      Light represents Shri Mahalakshmi and the characteristics of the Goddess – Knowledge and Prosperity. 

      We are all fortunate enough and a blessed lot to have our Sri Madhwacharya as our Kulagururaya, who bestowed us with the  Jnyanabhandara of Saravamula  to dispel the darkness of ignorance and lead us to the bright path of true knowledge of Paramatma. The Sarvamula Granthas, and his Charitre and the places he travelled during his Sanchaara are very sacred and divine to all Madhwas. 

      During 2105  Deepavali,  MYP was bestowed with an opportunity (with the support of generous contributions from devotees) to undertake an Unique Jnaana Deepa Yojane, which culminated in installation of five panch rupas of Paramatma (Pradyumna, Aniruddha,Sankarshana, Vasudeva and Narayana) in the form of sculpted shila vigrahas in the sanctum sanctorum of the historic Paranti Sura Sadanam, in Panchlingeshwara Devalaya, Paranti, DK Distt., Karnataka. This was to commemorate the visit of Sri Madwacharyaru and to light Jnana Deepas to provide Nirantara Smarane of Avataratrya Acharyaru and Pancharupas of P aramatma to all the yAtrArthis visiting Paranti.

      MYP envisages one or two more of such projects to be undertaken during the celebration of MYP's dashamanOtsava during 2018 and request readers to participate through tanu, mana, Dhana to enhance Madhwa Prajne and create another centre of Madhwa Heritage.  

      We are sure, Shri Hari Vayu GurugaLu. will be pleased with this aLilu seve and bless us constantly with the illumination of our minds with spiritual intellect, knowledge, and prosperity.

      We at MYP ardently believe that by celebrating all the traditional festivals, our lives become meaningful, and in accordance with our faith and devotion, we receive blessings from Shri Hari Vayu GurugaLu

      Let us utilize the festival period as an opportunity to perform Sat-Karmas, Japa-Tapa, Daana - Dharma, Vrata-Homa etc. to receive bountiful blessings and grace of Shri Hari Vayu GurugaLu.

      || samasta sanmaMgalAni bhavaMtu ||

      -Team MYP.

      - Aravind Madabhavi / 99720 60521

      ------------------------------ --------------------------
      'mama swAmi harirnityaM sarvasya patirEvacha'
      shrI hari  is my Master and the Master of all.                      - (achArya madhwaru)
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