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43013A Vaishnava Sampradaya Brindavan discovered in Belladi, Coimbatore district

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  • Sarvothaman
    Oct 31, 2017
      Coimbatore district has the Madhwarayan Rock on which Srimad Acharyaru sat and did Tapas, after positioning the mighty rock between the
      two streams of water falling from Thirumurthy Water falls. Details are available in the earliest English biography of Srimad Acharyaru by Sri
      CM Padmanabha Achar.
           Now in the same district ,near Karamadai, in Belladi village, a Brindavan
      with abundant carvings relating to Krishna stands discovered and reported
      in Indian Express.
          Karamadai Vishnu temple has the Sthala Purana identical to that of Udupi
      Anantheswara temple

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