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43019Fw: Appeal for Udupi Suvarna Gopura

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  • Narahari Sumadhwa
    1 Nov 9:59 am
    Offer your Life Breath to Sri Krishna
    Shri Madhvacharya has consecrated Sri Krishna at the famous temple city of Udupi and
    has established eight Mathas popularly known as ‘Ashta Mathas’ symbolizing the eight
    metaphysical lotus petals surrounding our heart wherein Lord resides as our controller
    and constant companion.
    Shaastras proclaim that an average person breathes 21,600 times per day. Shri Vaayu
    Deva whose knowledge about the Lord is faultless, as directed by the Lord, lives in
    each being to set them perform this ‘saadhana.’ It is known as ‘Hamsa Mantra Japa.’
    Therefore the very action of our respiration every day which numbers to 21,600 times is
    the ‘Hamsa Mantra Japa’ done by Vayu Deva for the welfare of our soul and dedicating
    the same to the Lord. This process happens even during our state of sleep.
    Madhvacharya says that this should be offered to God every day. While other Japas
    needs ‘Sankalpa’ in the morning, this mantra needs ‘Krishnarpana’ in the morning.
    Shri Shri Vidyadheesha Teertha Swamiji of Sri Palimaru Matha, is proposing to renovate
    the roof of the sanctum sanctorum of Shri Krishna Matha during His Paryaya (2018-
    2020) and to cover the same with gold plates and inscribe the ‘Hamsa Mantra’ on it,
    keeping in with ancient tradition. This representatively transforms our simple exercise of
    respiration as a ‘pooja’ to the Lord within us.
    Devotees can avail this golden opportunity of symbolically offering their life breath and
    by extension, their lives to Udupi Sri Krishna by sponsoring these golden plates by
    offering Rs. 21,600 and be blessed making every moment of life’s breathe joyous and
    Donations may be offered for this cause by Cheques/ Demand Drafts drawn in favour of
    Udupi Shri Krishna Suvarna Gopura Nidhi
    Current Account number: 8022000100105301, Karnataka Bank, Car street, Udupi
    IFSC code: KARB0000802.
    Address: Udupi Shri Krishna Suvarna Gopura Nirmana Samithi,
    Shri Palimaru Matha, Car street, Udupi-576101
    Local Contact : Palimaru Matha, Anna Nagar : ph: 8300640321

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    Subject: Appeal for Udupi Suvarna Gopura

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