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43027History of Karamadai Ranganathaswamy temple where a Vaishnava Brindavan found

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  • Sarvothaman
    Nov 2, 2017
      History of the Temple: The 'Thottiyars' clan of people lived at Karamadai. A cow of one of the thottiyars failed to yield milk all of a sudden. He found out that the cow was shedding milk at a bush. Enraged, he started to cut it, when he heard an exploding sound and saw blood gushing from inside. On hearing this, the other people in the village came there and found a 'Suyambu Lingam' inside the bush. The same night, God appeared in his dream and asked him to adorn the 'Lingam' with 'Chandana Kaapu'. It is believed that the lingam 'Ranganathar Suyambu' is growing in size every year.
      Contributed  by  Sri  Sridhar

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