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  • sathyatv
    Nov 3, 2017


      Pls visit dasa-sahitya.blogspot.in for English & Tamil translations of Kannada books published by Haridasa Sahitya Mahavidyalaya and Research Center, Bangalore. 

      We got permission from DasaKoota Sabha, Devarayanadurga to translate 2 of their Kannada books in English & Tamil to publish in this site.

      We are also trying to reach out other publishers, where small / rare Kannada books are available, to get their permission to translate and publish in internet. 

      Please let us know if you know some one who can give their books for translation. This is done voluntarily to help Non-kannada people to read about our valuable treasure available in Kannada. 

      Hare Srinivasa

      Sathya Narayanan