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: Sri Vijayadasaru Aradhana at Danda Theertha Srimushnam---30/10 Monday

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  • Sarvothaman
    At Danda Theertha Srimushnam under the guidance of HH Satyatmaru ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2017

      At  Danda  Theertha  Srimushnam  under  the  guidance  of  HH  Satyatmaru  
      idols  of  Sri  Vijayadasaru  and  Sri  Gopaladasaru  were  installed  in  2012. Since  then  annual  aradhanas  of  the  twin  Dasas  take  place  with  grand  celebration.  Devotees  are  invited  to  assemble  at  Uttradhi  mutt  the  previous
      evening 29/10 .  Transport  arranged  to  Danda  theertha.
         For  those  who  are  not  able  to  make  it  to  Srimushnam  and  who  would  like  to  contribute,  the  particulars  are
      S  Bhuvaraha  Murthy  Acct  No  543967672  with  Indian  Bank  Srimushnam
      IFSC  Code  IDIB000S067
      Tel  No  9940725871  of  Sri  S Bhuvarahamurthy  ,the  organiser
         You  are  invited  to  participate  and  get  Dasaru's  blessings 

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