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  • Vishnu Panchaka Ellarigu Namaskara. Please confirm the following for starting Vishnu Panchaka this year. 1. This year we can start Vishnu Panchaka on Margashira Ekadasi? Nov 30th. 2. We should do Sankalpa on Dasami? - Nov. 29th? 3. Udhayapana can be done during the year. right? 4. Is this vratha to be done only for one year. I heard from someone, that if you start it, try to...
    sathyatv@... Nov 15, 2017
  • Hare Srinivasa Need Room for rent in Chennai at : Triplicane, Chennai for : a single Hari bhaktha From : June 1 2017 for 2 years Friend is a student at IIT Madras. He needs 1BHK for rent. He is from Bangalore doing daily puja & naivedhya and follows madi. Can anybody help? Pls call : 89044 58276. Hare Srinivasa Sathya Narayanan
    sathyatv@... May 16, 2017
  • Attaching the pdf file of Q&A for the quiz conducted on behalf of Haridasa Sahitya Mahavidyalaya & Research Center. Hare Srinivasa
    sathyatv@... May 8, 2017
  • Haridasa Sahitya Mahavidyalaya and Research Centre Peenya, Bangalore Mahavidyalaya is conducting exams - twice a year - in the topics of Haridasa Sahitya, Madhwari & Harikathamruthasara in Bangalore. For the first time, the exams were conducted in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu. About 16 Haribhakthas attended the Dasa sahitya - first part exam during Jan 2017. Prahladachar of Mahavidyalaya...
    sathyatv@... Feb 3, 2017
  • Hare Srinivasa. I need mp3 of Avathara thraya suvvali by Sri Vadirajaru. Can anybody send it or anywhere I can buy it? Please help. Dhanyavadhagalu. Sathya Narayanan
    sathyatv@... Jan 16, 2017
  • Hare Srinivasa Is there any website or book (any language) available for Harikathamruthasara Quiz (questions & answers). Please help. Dhanyavadhagalu. Sathya Narayanan
    sathyatv@... Dec 18, 2016
  • Namaskara. We were in Kolhapur Raghavendra Swamy mutt last week. The phone number is correct. 0231-2622864. Address : Sri. Ravindran. SRS Mutt, 1177B, New Mahadhwar Road, Kolhapur. Sathya Narayanan
    sathyatv@... Oct 18, 2016
  • Hare Srinivasa I have the following books to donate. I am in JP Nagar 4 Phase Bangalore. Anyone who want to collect, please you can come and collect it from me. Call me at : 89044 58276. Madhwa Vijaya Collection of 12 books Vishnu Sahasranama Collection of 10 books They are in English. Both are Published by gyansampat.in - Sri T.S.Rghavendran of Coimbatore. Dhanyavadhagalu. Sathya...
    sathyatv@... Sep 22, 2016
  • Hare Srinivasa Can you tell me the Madhwa places / temples / brindavans to visit between Kolhapur & Pandarpur. We are planning for a 3 day visit there from Bangalore. Dhanyavadhagalu Sathya Narayanan
    sathyatv@... Sep 22, 2016
  • Namaskara to all. We are planning to visit Erode Navabrindavana from Coimbatore. Can somebody suggest is there any other Madhwa brindavans / places must see between Coimbatore and Erode. or nearby Erode. Dhanyavadhagalu. Sathya Narayanan
    sathyatv@... May 9, 2016