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2797Re: [sherlock holmes society of india] New member - Introduction

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  • sridhar C
    Aug 15, 2009
      Another connoisseur! On behalf of the Society I greet you, Binand. May our Tribe ever increase.
      You're most welcome to join and/or initiate discussions about the Master or any other points/incidents/comparisons/anomalies that you might have come across or any new pastiches or interesting tid-bits that you'd like to share with us about Sir ACD or the Canon.

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      From: Binand Sethumadhavan <binand@...>
      Subject: [sherlock holmes society of india] New member - Introduction
      To: sherlockholmessocietyofindia@...
      Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 6:26 PM


      Hello all,

      I joined this group yesterday - after accidentally coming across it
      while looking for online reviews of a Holmes-related book. I am
      introducing myself to all of you.

      About me: Native of Calicut/Kerala, educated in Mumbai, worked in
      Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, currently in Kolkata but home base is
      Chennai (that is, somewhat familiar with all these cities). Also have
      lived outside India for 3 years (Canada and Europe). Professional
      information is available at http://www.linkedin .com/in/binand.

      Association with Holmes: Started with my grand-uncle' s battered copy
      of a 1950s edition of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" in the late
      eighties, when I was in my early teens (and was also discovering other
      authors like Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner). Had read the
      entire canon by 1989. Today I like to think of myself has a
      connoisseur of detective fiction - have (translated) anthologies from
      across the world and settings that span several centuries. Current
      favourites are police procedurals by Ian Rankin, Henning Mankell and
      Michael Connelly.

      Holmes Related: I own the entire canon (of course!), and a few other
      bits and pieces (some are at the moment in long-term storage). These
      are (maybe not exhaustive):

      1. The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes -
      http://www.amazon co.uk/Mandala- Sherlock- Holmes-Missing- Years/dp/ 0719556457/
      2. The Curious Case of 221B -
      http://www.flipkart .com/curious- case-221b- partha-basu/ 8172237898- yv23f518lb
      (the most recent addition; the one whose review I was looking for when
      I encountered this group)

      3. The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes -
      http://www.amazon co.uk/Chess- Mysteries- Sherlock- Holmes-Tantalizi ng/dp/0812923898 /
      - non-detective stories, this book is an introduction to a class of
      chess problems called Retrograde Analysis

      4. Right Through the Pack -
      http://www.amazon co.uk/Right- Through-Pack- Robert-Darvas/ dp/0910791694/
      - One chapter in this book of bridge problems has a Holmes/Watson

      5. http://www.amazon co.uk/Sherlock- Holmes-Complete- Collection- DVD/dp/B001CWLFH 2/
      - DVD set
      6. http://www.amazon co.uk/BBC- Sherlock- Holmes-Collectio n-DVD/dp/ B000EZ7VFI/
      - Another DVD set

      7. Similar books (detective with chronicler): Entire collection of
      Feluda, a sampling of Byomkesh Bakshi (Indian), one of Solar Pons, few
      of Dupin, entire Agatha Christie collection (both book and DVD) etc.

      Currently reading The Curious Case of 221B.


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