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    Dec 14, 2013
      Yes, I think it would be terrific if someone from SHSI could do the translation, it is so important to maintain the tone and register when going from one language to another. As SHSI members already have this knowledge as Sherlokian scholars, it would be a huge advantage.

      Kind regards,


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      Is there anyone in India who specialises in translating English-language novels into the other major Indian languages? If so, does anyone have any idea of the cost?






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      Not sure why you missed my mother tongue, Malayalam! :-)




      On 14 December 2013 19:04, KUMAR BHATIA <kumarbhatiashsi@...> wrote:

      Dear Murthyji,

      It is indeed good to hear that " Sherlock Holmes in Japan " is to be translated into Portuguese . Hopefully just a start .

      We wish your book will soon be translated to many other languages too , and your well written pastiche will gain a much wider readership .

      On the subject of translations , I have it from the highest authority , that great Sherlockian scholar ,Ronald Burt De Waal , 

       that the Canon itself , or at least some of the cases , have been translated into the following languages ;


      Afrikaans , Arabic , Armenian , Azeri , Bengali , Bulgarian , Chinese , Czech , Danish , Dutch , Finnish , French , Frisian , 

      Georgian , German , Greek , Gujarati , Hebrew , Hindi , Hungarian , Icelandic , Irish , Italian , Japanese , Kanarese , Korean ,

      Lettish , Lithuanian , Macedonian , Malay , Marathi , Norwegian , Oriya , Persian , Polish , Portuguese , Rumanian , Russian,

      Serbo-Croatian , Sindhi , Sinhalese ,  Slovak , Spanish , Swahili , Swedish , Telugu , Unkranian , Urdu and Uzbek.

      As also in Pitman's Shorthand as well as Braille ! 




      On Thursday, 12 December 2013, VM wrote:


      Dear All


      Unusual news.

      Grupo Editorial AutĂȘntica - Vertigo has signed a deal with HarperCollins to translate Sherlock Holmes in Japan to Portuguese and acquired the rights of the book for Brazil.


      Certainly baffling, as far as I am concerned. I thought I would share this little snippet of news for whatever its worth.



      Vasudev Murthy



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