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    4 Jan 6:29 am
      Dear Mr. Gillman,
      Well said on ' Sherlock S3-E1 ! 

      p.s. I thoroughly enjoy your books and look forward to reading " SH and the Shadow of Moriarty "

      On Saturday, 4 January 2014, RICHARD GILLMAN wrote:

      Well, we waited and predicted and suggested and put forth possible solutions. I have to say that I was a little disappointed whereas other folk, critics etc seemed to have lapped it up. Emperors new clothes? I think there is a little of that.

      Holmes is not a cruel man, he will tease Watson but not play with his emotions...just not right. Disjointed? Fragmentary and ill explained but frighteningly for me, it contained elements of my new book that I finished on Monday BEFORE Sherlock was aired! Spooky!! Very spooky!

      I will continue to watch the series, it is entertaining and quirky but....Jeremy is my man. You have to be able to see through the hype to see what is going on in the storyline which I felt was...not a lot. I enjoyed the analysis of the hat with Mycroft and the tension between Sherlock and Molly but it was full of tinsel. Just my take on it and I will no doubt be branded a heretic! I felt the final seen with the new villain sitting watching the tv screens only needed the white Persian cat being stroked on his lap and we were into 007 country. This new villain is (so I have read) a renamed Mr Millverton. I would like to hear other folks thoughts

      On a personal note, Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow of James Moriaty will, I hope, be published early next week. : )


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      On Sat, Jan 04 2014, Jay Ganguly wrote:

      > So...did everyone end up seeing it last night? Thoughts?
      > Just in case you're not already aware - this amazing lady has compiled
      > transcripts of all episodes -
      > http://arianedevere.livejournal.com/36505.html

      I've been one of the marginal people who prefer Elementary to
      Sherlock. I also thought that Season 2 damaged the BBC series quite a
      bit. However, this one really made up for that. I quite enjoyed it.



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