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4400Re: SHSI Sherlock S3 Episode 2

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  • Jay Ganguly
    9 Jan 6:23 am
      Saw it - and loved it! It's my new favourite!

      Loved the more "human" Sherlock (he does make an appearance even in the canon) - loved the canon references, loved the "murder, mystery and mayhem" thrown in. Do check out the accompanying blog posts at http://johnwatsonblog.co.uk/

      More later.
      Jayantika Ganguly
      General Secretary & Editor
      Sherlock Holmes Society of India

      On Thursday, January 9, 2014 4:54 PM, Noufal Ibrahim KV <noufal@...> wrote:

      So, did anyone else here see "The sign of three"? My general opinion of
      Sherlock is that it's quite inferior to Elementary and relies mostly on
      fan service and gimmicks rather than coherent stories to keep it
      going. I thought season 2 was overdone and wasn't very eager to watch 3
      but the first episode (Empty Hearse) rekindled my enthusiasm for the

      "The sign of three" however totally blew it. I'm feel very *very* down.


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