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4566Re: !! The humbleness of Sherlock Holmes !!

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  • Balaji Narasimhan
    Mar 27, 2014
      Hi Philip,

      Most experts date
      FIVE in March 1888, after
      SCAN, but Watson states it
      was in September of 1887, so
      “…once by a woman…”
      cannot be SCAN, which
      occurred at earliest in March
      of 1888.

      Chronology apart, if somebody *other* than Irene had beaten TGD, wouldn't Watson have mentioned it somewhere? The fact that he didn't possibly indicates that Irene beat Holmes.

      And Watson got many dates wrong, didn't he? Or deliberately obfuscated them to protect key people. And SCAN has one of Holmes' most famous clients, so he possibly gave a fake date.


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