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4579Re: SHSI Re: !! The humbleness of Sherlock Holmes

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  • Philip K. Jones
    Mar 30, 2014

      This is the somewhat expanded version that will(?) be published as part of the output from the Conference. The format followed at the Conference required papers to be limited to twenty minutes pesentation time. Two or three papers were presented in one session, before a panel of experts whose job it was then to discuss the papers and their merits.

      Please read it carefully and pass your comments back to me. This paper has occuped my Sherlockian attention for almost two years now. I am quite familiar with the thoughts included, but I have not been able to view it objectively for over a year. In essence, I can no longer "See it" as an outsider and I need insights that counter my own ideas. I am afraid I must have ignored something terribly simple and have lost myself in my own maze of puzzles and ideas.



      Philip K. Jones
      An Ill-dressed Vagabond

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      Hi Phil,

      Please mail me a copy, I'm most keen to read it. :-)



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