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    Oct 24, 2014
      Hmmm, just wondering if saying "Dr Watson fought for the British" might not be completely accurate. Are doctors classed as 'non-combatants'? Maybe not as he is is rather handy with his trusty service revolver! *;) winking This is me just pulling your leg, Sumalsn.

      Kind regards,


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      Sent: Friday, 24 October 2014, 8:33
      Subject: SHSI Re:: Slightly involved quiz...

      Dear Binand and Holmesians,

      I think Malala Yousafzai was named after Malalai of Maiwand, also known as Malala ,a national folk hero of Afghanistan who rallied local Pashtun fighters against the British troops at the 1880 Battle of Maiwand. Dr Watson fought for the British. I think that must be the connection. The hint ( Wikipedia) was particularly helpful.

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