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4810Mumbai - 4 November

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  • Jay Ganguly
    Nov 1, 2014
      Members who are in Mumbai next week -

      As I've discussed with some members earlier, Calvert Markham (Treasurer, Sherlock Holmes Society of London) and his lovely wife Carole (senior member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London) will be in Mumbai for a short  while.

      I'm meeting them in Mumbai on 4 November, so any SHSI member who is in Mumbai on that day is welcome to join us for either lunch or dinner. Please drop me a line accordingly. We haven't fixed a venue yet, but we'll probably be in the town area or perhaps, Bandra. Calvert and Carole would love to meet Indian Sherlockians.

      We may also end up going to Nasik on 6 November (Calvert is also the President of a wine club), so interested members can also join us in Nasik!

      Anyhow, let me know and we can coordinate further.

      Cheers for the Year of Sherlock,

      Jayantika Ganguly
      General Secretary and Editor, Sherlock Holmes Society of India
      Member, Sherlock Holmes Society of London
      Member, Ceska spolecnost Sherlocka Holmese
      Author, "The Holmes Sutra", MX Publishing, 2014