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  • Sajan Venniyoor
    18 Jan 12:45 am
      This is a pretty neat idea. 

      As Jay points out, a lot would depend on the number of copies we can sell. Also, as she says, a full colour print wouldn't be very cheap. But seriously, I don't see much merit in putting it out as black & white A4 prints -- I can do better with my deskjet colour printer. 

      Having said that, professional colour printing is nowhere as expensive as it used to be, and I'd hazard a guess that it's perfectly affordable in India. You could print a paperback book in India for about a dollar (for a print run of 500 copies, I think). A magazine in full colour would certainly cost more, but I assume most of us on this list can afford more than a dollar. 

      A copy of the quarterly art magazine Marg, sells for INR 330 or $12 per issue (INR 330 is actually just under USD 5.5, but someone has to pay for post-colonial angst). 

      Himal Southasian, another quarterly (colour, digest size, 300 pages) sells for INR 400 (also USD 12 ...), and the fairly glossy Indian Quarterly sells for INR 200. There are several other publications like these, but the Indian Quarterly is the model I'd shoot for. I'd probably sell the Proceedings for INR 300, though (or USD 12). 

      I choked a bit at Philip's lament about US Post killing the print star. The Indian Post is a wondrous thing -- they haven't revised their rates since Curzon was Viceroy.

      1. Value of Periodical From Rs.1/- to Rs.20/- :: For First 100 gms or part thereof: Rs.2.00 (For Every Additional 100 Gms or part thereof : Rs.3.00)
      2. Value of Periodical From Rs.21/- to Rs.50/- :: For First 100 gms or part thereof: Rs.4.00 (For Every Additional 100 Gms or part thereof : Rs.5.00)
      3. Value of Periodical From Rs.51/-and above::  For First 100 gms or part thereof: Rs. 8.00 (For Every Additional 100 Gms or part thereof : Rs. 9.00)

      I assume the SHSI quarterly would be 'Rs.51/- and above', so, for the price of half a cigarette, you could ship it anywhere in India. 

      (H'm, do they actually have periodicals that cost INR 1 and can be shipped for INR 2? I wouldn't have thought it possible to sell second-hand chewing gum at those rates. Newspapers can be posted anywhere in India for INR 0.25 (0.004¢), a coin that's regrettably no longer in circulation).

      International rates are different, of course. I'm not sure if magazines come under 'Printed papers', in which case it should cost about INR 100 to ship it to the US, but if it is covered under 'Parcels'... well, just read the .pdf version. (And serves you right, I might add: I have bought books on AbeBooks.com for one dollar, and paid up to ten dollars postage. Talk about oppressing the third world).

      A print edition is worth exploring. Let's check out the printing costs first. 

      warm regards,

      Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:07 am . Posted by:      

      "Jay Ganguly" ruling_jay                         

      Idea has merit all right. It would be nice to have our publication in print. However, a full colour print may be a bit expensive, plus any printer would require a minimum number of copies before they take it on. Peter's Scuttlebutt and Roger's District Messenger are both black and white A4 prints.

      How many people are seriously interested in this? I will get into the market research bit accordingly.

      Jay Ganguly

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