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4945Fwd: great heads up on the ACD Settlement from Younger Stamford

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  • Jay Ganguly
    Jul 20, 2015

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      From: BRENDA <agrrtig@...>
      Date: 20 July 2015 18:19:25 IST
      Subject: great heads up on the ACD Settlement from Younger Stamford

      Add Mitch Cullin on Facebook.  
      He has a great deal to say about the 'bullshit' lawsuit.  

      Saturday at 12:10pm

      I have much to say about this issue with the Conan Doyle Estate LTD. (in fact, I've already begun outlining a book to be entitled THE MAN WHO WOULD OWN SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CURIOUS CASE OF JON LELLENBERG & HIS CONAN DOYLE ESTATE), but I intend to wait until later next week in which to respond in detail.

      That said, I want to go on record to state that the premise of the Santa Fe New Mexican's headline below is utter bullshit. The Conan Doyle Estate NEVER held up the U.S. release of the film-- NEVER--nor was anyone ever served or asked to appear in court based on their baseless claims against me, the film, etc. The film was going to come out on its appointed date regardless of the Estate's stupid antics. Again, it was all about extorting money, nothing else. That said, they have succeeded in holding up the U.S. film tie-in edition of the book, though it'll appear soon enough and, frankly, their idiotic "lawsuit" has actually helped sell the book in its current form.

      BRENDA the enthralled