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4975Re: : RE: SHSI Re: Was Sherlock Holmes an atheist?

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  • Nishanth Surendran
    Sep 30, 2015

      I think he was neither a believer nor an atheist. He was more of a seeker of the truth behind it.

      On 30 Sep 2015 11:26 pm, "'Prof. Venugopal bhaskaran nair' prof.venugopal.snc@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia]" <SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia@...> wrote:

      Actually  the question raises  withoutr recognising the age when Holmes  was living. He was the representative of the great Victorian age, which is considered to be the greatest in  the European history. It was  an age of elightenment, science, growth and human development.  So naturally  political, social cultural change was there. Naturally Holmes was a supporter of all these development.He was a scientist who wanted to question the existing  beliefs.And no doubt, he questioned the existence of God and religion. As aman of the age, he questioned religious beliefs, principles and even morals.

      On 29 September 2015 at 09:49, sumalsn <no_reply@yahoogroups.co.in> wrote:

      Dear Balaji saab and Tim Symonds sir,

      I shall quote from the Gloria Scott ," Trevor was the only man I knew, and that only through the accident of his bull terrier freezing on to my ankle one morning as I went down to chapel".
      Why would a man who is a social recluse in college go to a chapel? I suppose only if he is a believer.
      I would say this indicates that the young  Sherlock Holmes was a believer in college who might have become an agnostic or atheist much later. His belief would be largely due to his upbringing.

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