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  • abhilash nandamuri
    May 3, 2016
      The other formidable opponents mentioned operate in ways that influence
      only people and events on a minor scale. However, Moriarty operates in a
      way that shapes events on a global level. He is said to be the protector of
      the London/British underworld, in exchange for fee or other services. He is
      a mathematician who went to Cambridge, extremely athletic, and has friends
      in high places. He does his acts but no one can trace it back to him. In
      Holmes' own words 'He is akin to a spider weaving a web,and he has complete
      control over each of its strands'.
      May be that is why he is rated so highly.

      On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 10:38 AM, sumalsn <no_reply@...> wrote:

      > Dear Holmesians,
      > Prof Moriarty appears only in "the Final Problem" and the "Valley of Fear"
      > despite which he is considered as Sherlock Holmes's primary antagonist.
      > SH had several adversaries who were formidable, Charles Augustus
      > Milverton, Irene Adler, Mr. Jack Stapleton, Baron Adelbert Gruner etc.
      > However, Prof Moriarty wields a disproportionate influence in the minds of
      > Holmesians. Can anyone throw more light on this issue?
      > Regards,
      > Sumal S

      *Abhilash Nandamuri*

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