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5100Re: SHSI Annual Meet - Delhi

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  • Noufal Ibrahim KV
    Aug 17, 2016
      Is the last week of August a fixed date every year? If so, I can make
      plans for next year. I'll have to be in Delhi in September anyway so
      another trip in August is too much.

      On Wed, Aug 17 2016, Jay Ganguly ruling_jay@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia] wrote:

      > Dear fellow Sherlockians
      > I believe our member Raj (Ayyar) would have already been in touch with
      > some of you regarding our annual meet. Raj is arranging for the SHSI
      > Annual Meet this time in Delhi on 28 August 2016 (Sunday).
      > Earlier this year, we had discussed the tenability of having our
      > annual meet in different cities every year. Given the frankly pathetic
      > turnout in cities other than Delhi, we feel it is best - for the time
      > being - to simply meet in Delhi on the fourth weekend of August each
      > year. Quite a few of our active members are in Delhi, after all - and
      > the capital city is easily accessible from anywhere in the country.
      > I hope a good number of people will turn up this time. Folks in Delhi, please help Raj as much as possible to arrange for things.
      > Hope to see you soon! Cheers,Jay
      > Jayantika Ganguly, BSI ("The Great Agra Treasure") General Secretary
      > and Editor, Sherlock Holmes Society of IndiaMember, Sherlock Holmes
      > Society of LondonMember, Ceska spolecnost Sherlocka HolmeseMember, The
      > Studious Scarlets SocietyAuthor, "The Holmes Sutra", MX Publishing,
      > 2014Author, "The Adventure of the Defenestrated Princess", The MX Book
      > of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (Part I: 1881 - 1889), MX Publishing,
      > 2015Author, "The Adventure of the Impossible Murders", The MX Book of
      > New Sherlock Holmes Stories (Part IV: The 2016 Annual), MX Publishing,
      > 2016

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