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5138Time marches on......

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  • chimp4liberty
    31 Jan 10:27 am

      Dear Fellow Members of SHSI,

        There has been some time passing since the formation of this respected  Baker Street  support and interest group. While it may seem to many that such an interest is both peculiar and unique, I hold that such an interest only supports the perception of  nearly a lifestyle through "institutionalized  librarian mindset".  Where the visual images are formed in the mind, and much is left to the imagination, what fear could be more unsettling than our own deepest concerns rising to the surface through reading of the Canon.

        Now, down to  brass tacks.

      It has been about 16 years since the group was started by a fellow Sherlockian.  A man that has my greatest respect and admiration. My simple request, is to see, how many people who originally joined, are still with us.  In spirit (with respect to those who have gone on to the great Canon in the sky), and in body.

      We all understand, that rehashing the original Canon over and over and over, is actually a fresh wind to the new reader, a wonderful experience. But what will hold the older established fans? What can be built upon the Canon besides Apocryphal stories and out and out  collector books about collectors?

      How many fans are still here who joined in the first 5 years of the group.??

      I think the era of electronic games and distractions somehow have diminished the pool of potential new SHSI members..

      Am I wrong ?

       I am,


      Currently residing in LAS,  hope to be in MAA this year.

      By the way,  

      my age is no secret anymore.......65 and counting,

      was there ever a decision on a Latin phrase (motto) suitable for the group?

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