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  • Tim Symonds
    Feb 3, 2017

      Dear Ron, OK, you asked if I’m composing another online quiz, answer yes, I’ve got one in the pipeline.  Although even a 10-question quiz can take me the best part of 3 days to get right, especially adding interesting background in the answer (see one of the questions and answer below), whoever publishes it online gets it free and kindly gives me some publicity for my novels, including my latest, ‘Sherlock Holmes And The Nine-Dragon Sigil’.  As you say, Watson is far more than the gasping twit he’s too often portrayed as (‘Gad, Holmes! How did you deduce that!’). He was an Army officer, a surgeon, a country gentleman (perhaps from Hampshire),  and most important of all, Holmes would never have been heard of outside a few parts of London and a couple of English counties if Watson had not scrupulously and entertainingly written up the cases.


      The quiz I now have nearly ready to offer an outlet is on the minor characters in the canon (like the minor characters in Shakespeare). I write in the introduction:


      Arthur Conan Doyle created an astonishing number of named characters in his novels and short-stories, over 500. They include an assortment of police inspectors, constables and agents, upward of 50 clients and – often the most memorable - 60 or so villains, one being the ‘Napoleon of Crime’, Professor James Moriarty who, amazingly, appears in only two of Doyle’s stories.’


      Here’s one of the questions, together with the answer:


      Who does Watson describe as ‘the king of blackmailers’, a dastard who causes Holmes more revulsion than any of the 50+ murderers in his career.


                         Charles Augustus Milverton

                         Baron Adelbert Gruner

                         Rodger Baskerville

                         Henry Peters


      Answer: Charles Augustus Milverton. The events probably took place in 1899, nine years after the strange death of Charles Augustus Howell, an art dealer who preyed upon an unknown number of people including the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the real-life inspiration for the character of Milverton. In ‘The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton’ Holmes and Watson break into the blackmailer’s Hampstead home. Holmes opens the safe. But just then Milverton, who should be in bed asleep, enters the study. Holmes and Watson hide behind a curtain while Milverton holds a midnight meeting with a supposed maidservant offering to sell letters which would compromise her mistress. The woman is really one of Milverton's former victims. Her broken-hearted husband had died after Milverton revealed her secret. Now the life of this blackmailer extraordinaire is brought to an end in a surprising manner. The visitor avenges her husband by shooting Milverton to death, then stamps on his face. Watson instinctively begins to rush out and stop the shooting, but Holmes restrains him. Watson realises, ‘that it was no affair of ours; that justice had overtaken a villain...’ 

      Humph. Not strictly true, the killing was clearly extra-judicial.


      All the best





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      Tim, Thanks for fixing the DR. Watson quiz for me. I have always felt I had more in common with Watson and could identify easier with him. I scored 10 out of 10 points on your great quiz. I enjoyed working on it. Will there be others to come I hope? Thanks again, Ron aka The Game is Afoot a proud member the Sherlock Holmes Society of India.


      On 2/3/2017 2:01 AM, Tim Symonds tim.symonds@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia] wrote:


      Hi Ron, it should be Watson at http://www.educationquizzes.com/specialist/books/fictional-characters-dr-john-h-watson/


      Have a go!


      As always





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      Hi, The only quiz I pull up is for Sherlock Holmes. Is there a problem with the Watson quiz? Thanks, Ron


      On 2/2/2017 6:00 AM, Tim Symonds tim.symonds@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia] wrote:


      SHSI members may know quite a bit about Sherlock Holmes - his Stradivarius, his deerstalker, the fact he keeps his tobacco in his slipper, he's an expert at baritsu, and he bumped off the evil Professor Moriarty. How much do you know about his great friend and biographer Dr. John H. Watson?

      Try your hand at this new multiple-choice online quiz.


      Please also circulate/tweet/Facebook etc.


      Tim Symonds has published five full-length Sherlock Holmes novels including 'Sherlock Holmes And The Sword Of Osman' (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/178092755X) and most recently 'Sherlock Holmes And The Nine-Dragon Sigil'. Further information on the novels at http://tim-symonds.co.uk

      'Sherlock Holmes And The Sword Of Osman'

      'It's 1906. Far from England, the Ottoman Empire ruled by the despotic Sultan Abd-ul-Hamid 11 is on the verge of imploding. Rival Great Powers, especially Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany, sit watching like crows on a fence, ready to rush in to carve up the vast territories, menacing England's vital overland routes to her Indian possessions. At his medical practice in London's Marylebone Watson receives a mystifying telegram. It's from Holmes.
      'Dear Watson, if you can throw physic to the dogs for an hour or two I would appreciate meeting at the stone cross at Charing Cross railway station tomorrow noon. I have an assignation with a bird lover at the Stork & Ostrich House in the Regents Park which has excited my curiosity. Yrs. S.H.'
      Watson finds the invitation puzzling. Why should such a mundane meeting at a Bird House excite the curiosity of Europe's most famous investigating detective or anyone else?'


      [cid:image006.jpg@01D27D52.3D2BDA00]Sherlock Holmes (right) explaining to Dr. Watson what he has deduced from a pipe left behind by a visitor; illustration by Sidney Paget for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Adventure of the Yellow Face', The Strand Magazine, 1893.

      [cid:image007.jpg@01D27D52.3D2BDA00]John H. Watson, standing (Illustration by Sidney Paget 1901)

      [cid:image008.jpg@01D27D52.3D2BDA00]The first published Sherlock Holmes story

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