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5160RE: SHSI Allegations of plagiarism against Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • Tim Symonds
    Apr 22, 2017

      I agree with Ron, it’s nonsense. As I recall, Arthur Conan Doyle was told of the tale of the mysterious hound on the moors by someone who lived in Devon but, as I recall reading, Doyle went on to pay the man £50 for the story which became The Hound of the Baskervilles.  As far as I know, there is no record of Doyle paying anyone else for other suggestions for his short stories. This was a real pity. If it had been his practice to offer payment for clever ideas, the final dozen or so short stories other than The Hound may have been much better. Most critics feel the cases written up by Dr. Watson before the Great Hiatus were of much higher quality. The later ones were written when Doyle was perhaps losing his interest in his great invention.


      Best to all.




      (Author of ‘Sherlock Holmes And The Nine-Dragon Sigil’ etc)


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      Dear Sumal,  Unless they find more solid evidence and even it would too much of a stretch. This fits into the category of just far fetched theory. Ron
      sumalsn <no_reply@...> wrote:


      Dear Holmesians,


      According to the research by Rodger Garrick-Steele, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stole the work, The Hound of the Baskervilles - and then poisoned Bertram Fletcher Robinson, the true author to cover up the plagiarism.

      It is also  claimed that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  did not act alone in killing his friend Bertram Fletcher Robinson, but colluded with Robinson's wife Gladys, with whom he was having a passionate affair. 

      The accusation is in a 446-page manuscript entitled The House of the Baskervilles, completed after 11 years of investigation.

      You can read more at this link


      What do you think of this theory? It was floated around the year 2000.


      Sumal S


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