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5170Re: SHSI Contemporaries of Sherlock Holmes- Martin Hewitt

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  • Noufal Ibrahim KV
    Apr 26, 2017
      On Wed, Apr 26 2017, sumalsn wrote:


      > However I wonder why despite being reviewed well, the works of other
      > contemporaries of Sherlock Holmes just fell within the cracks but SH
      > still stands shining bright. Is it due to the first mover advantage?

      I honestly don't know. It's something I've given a considerable amount
      of thought to. I don't think it's because of any inherent trait of
      Holmes himself, the character or anything like that. There were several
      detectives before him with their own idiosyncrasies and several after.

      I used to think that it was because of the language. Doyle was a much
      better writer than, say, Freeman but it's not so great as to completely
      eclipse all the others.

      I still don't have an answer but these days I gravitate to the idea that
      it was a series of lucky coincidences and accidents that put the
      detective on the pedestal and his creators name in the history
      books. Who knows?


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