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5177RE: SHSI Contemporaries of Sherlock Holmes

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  • Tim Symonds
    May 3, 2017

      Many thanks for this interesting link, Sumal S.  It seems to me humans and probably most animals (like cats) have the capacity to attend specifically to one sense when that sense is needed – for example, if there’s a burglar in your house in the middle of the night. Your hearing is the sense most needed in the dark and the mind concentrates hard on listening.  As a child I had a cat (‘Ginger’). When it glared out of the window into the garden at small birds, it concentrated so hard on watching them that I could creep up behind it and grab its tail which would make Ginger leap into the air with fright.  Clearly its sense of hearing had for the moment, while watching the birds, taken second place.

      I presume if I lost my sight I would become very dependent on my hearing without that sense becoming especially enhanced by my condition.


      Does Holmes refer to the five senses in the canon (as against intuition)? 




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      Dear Shri Tim and Holmesians,

      To answer Shri Tim's query, it appears that there is no conclusive evidence to show that visually challenged persons have superior senses as compared to others. This link clarifies matters 


      Sumal S  


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