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  • Binand Sethumadhavan
    Sep 18, 2017
      Saw the latest movie, Thupparivaalan (means Detective in Tamil),
      yesterday. This is supposed to be modeled after Holmes - in fact, the
      opening credits mentions Holmes, Doyle, Jeremy Brett and the Baker
      Street Irregulars.

      * Though it credits Brett I think the hero (called Kani - played by
      Vishal) models himself after Cumberbatch.
      * There is only one instance in the movie (which didn't last for more
      than 30 seconds) where he uses a team like the BSI.
      * Plus there is a character called Malliga who seemed to me is modeled
      as a combination of Wiggins & Mrs. Hudson. She's a pickpocket whom
      Kani employs as a housekeeper.

      I hated the romance angle between Kani & Malliga. At one point it
      seemed as if they'd break into a song - that would have been
      walk-out-of-the-cinema time.

      The story is nothing to write home about. Like all heroes modeled
      after Holmes, early on in the movie there are one-two instances where
      the famed "observation & deduction" pattern is displayed but forgotten
      soon after. Rest of the movie just follows the circular pattern of
      clue-analysis-lead with some serendipity and some blunders (by the
      villains) thrown in. The long-drawn climax at the Pichavaram forest
      frankly, bored me.

      IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7190460/

      The movie is getting some average to good reviews.