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  • Sumal ji, As a Holmesian, spiritualist and astrologer, I find Holmes' line from ILLU interesting: The wages of sin, Watson--the wages of sin! Sooner or later it will always come. God knows, there was sin enough. *** Balaji Narasimhan Author & Editor Twitter: @sherlockbalajihttp://www.balaji.ind.in/
    Balaji Narasimhan Sep 28, 2015
  • Jay ji, /// Sorry, did I miss something? Who has offered their house in Bangalore? /// We could meet at my place--it's small, but if we don't have too many people, it would be adequate. It's around 5 km from Mekri Circle and reasonably close to the airport. Of course, if we get a big crowd and some other member has a bigger house, we can hold it there. Regards, Balaji
    Balaji Narasimhan Aug 30, 2014
  • Sumal ji, Thanks for the note. :-) IMHO, attendance can be improved if we choose the city with the maximum number of members. Could we have a count of who is from which city, please? I'm from Bangalore. *** Balaji Narasimhan Author & Editor Twitter: @sherlockbalajihttp://www.balaji.ind.in/
    Balaji Narasimhan Aug 29, 2014
  • Jay, /// Petr has been nominated as the best comics artist and voting is on for 3-4 days at http:// www.comicsdb.cz/index.php /// Visited the page from my mobile. Is there an English version of the page? Regards, Balaji
    Balaji Narasimhan May 16, 2014
  • Hi Phil, Please mail me a copy, I'm most keen to read it. :-) Regards, Balaji
    Balaji Narasimhan Mar 30, 2014
  • Hi Philip, /// My PERSONAL opinion is that the fault lies with Doyle, who seldom paid much attention to dates /// Remember that discussion we had about Doyle's methods? I think Doyle was so keen on the methods of deduction that he couldn't care two hoots for dates. Of course, he would have had no idea that decades after he wrote a line like "...beaten four times..." people would...
    Balaji Narasimhan Mar 28, 2014
  • Hi Philip, /// Most experts date FIVE in March 1888, after SCAN, but Watson states it was in September of 1887, so “…once by a woman…” cannot be SCAN, which occurred at earliest in March of 1888. /// Chronology apart, if somebody *other* than Irene had beaten TGD, wouldn't Watson have mentioned it somewhere? The fact that he didn't possibly indicates that Irene beat Holmes...
    Balaji Narasimhan Mar 27, 2014
  • Jay, /// Thoughts? I'm trying very hard to hold onto my dinner at the moment. /// One hopes that it follows some of The Great Detective's methods! Indian cinema has matured beyond masala--but they can't get beyond the song and dance routine. Case in point--I was watching a Kannada movie on a historic character some time ago. This character in real life never had a love interest...
    Balaji Narasimhan Mar 21, 2014
  • Binand, /// Sherlock Holmes consistently eschewed pseudosciences and superstition in favour of rational and scientific reasoning. :-) /// One of my hobbies is Jyotish and I have written one piece on Sherlock Holmes and the nakshatras of Vesuvius. It's on my blog and in the print version of Sleight of Fate. The methods that Holmes uses in the Canon are similar to what astrologers...
    Balaji Narasimhan Jan 7, 2014
  • Jay, /// I know! I did write to them a few days back - no response yet! :( /// I wrote to the PR lady and she helped me. Told her about our group. She said in future she will mail me details of screenings across India, which I can share with the group. Balaji
    Balaji Narasimhan Jan 4, 2014