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1970Re: Pesticide / Chandigarh musings

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    Apr 27, 2006
      Was away for more than a week due to some pressing matter at Chandigarh...
      Yes Tenzin.. absolutely true... there is a pesticide for everything and whoever said.. "an apple a day.. keeps a doctor away" must be turning upside down in the grave.. :-))
      Apple farming is on the downslide and the average crop is getting lesser and lesser each year. Other than the traditional apple growing belts, new orchards have not come up other than the Karsog Valley. Karsog Valley is going to be the next apple belt of Himachal Pradesh.
      Ten years down the line the older apple belt will be finished. No new plantation has succeeded in this area. People will have to look for alternatives and move towards other stone fruits. The economics of farming has gone very high. Small farmers in the area I live, are now moving to collective farming to share costs. These farmers are selling produce directly to cold store chains right in there farms to save on packaging and transportation costs.
      The biggest problem with farming is there is no proper mechanism of selling. A farmer is at the complete mercy of the arthiya and has to accept whatever is offered. The rates offered  when compared to the input cost is minimal.. Labor inputs have sky rocketed since the disturbance in Nepal..
      Talking of the Vision-2015, the Govt. doesn't have a vison for tomorrow morning, what to speak of 2015. The babus and the netas will chip in only when they get scent of the money.. The packaging box being manufactured by the Govt costs more after the subsidy than the one being sold by Zirakpur based manufacturers right at your doorstep and the quality is a notch higher. The Govt should bring in a white paper on the subsidy offered on agriculture till date... That would be the mother of all scandels!!!
      Moving to another topic, I was in Chandigarh for a week... The temprature has shot up and coming from 9,500 feet in the hills it was brutal on my body to take up all the heat for a couple of days.. I did noticed a very pecular thing on the roads. Almost every vehicle waived by the traffic police for checking bears HP registration number.. In a weeks time my papers were checked almost 20 times, to speak off!!! I found the cops pounding on HP numbers with the famous cheeky grin.. asking for papers of all sorts
      .... reminds me my days in Mumbai when the Pandu would never stop my bike on a single entry road with no sign and another pandu standing on the other end.. asking for money... aiilla.. but then they never discriminated on any particular state number vehicles... They beleived in One India, and would collect money from all MH, GJ, MP, AP numbers.. :-))
      Comparatively moving out on Chandigarh roads had become pain as in a day twice or thrice my papers would get checked.. Has it happened with other guys? Would like to hear more stories and see if something could be done to avoid this harrasment..
      Coming back to 9500 feet has always been welcome.. There is still chill in the breeze.. the flowers are all pink.. the water as fresh as ever and no pandus in over 20 km in the area...
      Thanks for reading all along


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