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2688Kangra miniature paintings appreciation course

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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    Apr 29, 2011

      The Kangra Arts Promotion Society (KAPS), an NGO at Dharamshala,
      Himachal Pradesh is working for the promotion of Kangra miniature
      paintings which is on the verge of extinction today. The objectives of
      KAPS are preservation of the arts of Kangra, encouragement of existing
      artists, starting a school to teach the arts of Kangra and building a
      treasure of old and new paintings. In addition to running a school to
      train the youth of Himachal Pradesh in this art, KAPS also runs
      workshops where genuine Kangra Paintings are made on traditional hand
      made paper using only mineral and vegetable colours.

      In continuation to its efforts for promotion of art, KAPS in
      association with Voice of Himachal, is organising a 3 day arts
      appreciation course from June 23rd till 26th. Participants will get an
      opportunity to meet and interact with the famous Kangra master artist
      Mr. Vijay Sharma who is a distinguished art critic and has written the
      first-ever Hindi book tracing the history, expansion and other aspects
      of Kangra paintings, titled ‘Kangra Ki Chitrankan Parampara’. He
      received the National Award in 1990.

      The master artists Mr. Dhani Ram and Mr. Mukesh Kumar will conduct the
      workshop and take participants through the intricacies of Kangra
      paintings. Mr Dhani Ram trains the students at the Chitera School of
      Art, conducting classes at the Kangra Art Museum while Mr Mukesh
      conducts his advanced classes at the Chamunda Devi temple.

      Dr Gautam Vyathit, a renowned authority on folk arts and culture and
      Mr B.K. Agarwal, the Principal Resident Commissioner of the State of
      Himachal Pradesh in Delhi will also share their experiences and
      thoughts on this miniature art form.

      The course is being organised in a beautifully located campus, 6 kms
      from Dharamshala town. The campus offers all modern amenities to the
      participants including a training hall, cottages and a well equipped
      dinning hall. The course will be structured in a manner that
      participants will get ample opportunity to learn the art as well as
      visit places of interest in and around Dharamshala. Spread over 3 days
      the course will come as a welcome respite to people looking forward to
      an escape from the heat during this great Indian summer.

      For more details please visit http://bit.ly/iJTJaE

      Please help us by forwarding this mail to your friends who may be
      interested in attending the course.

      with regards

      Varun Rattan Singh
      +91 98055 10111

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