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  • Here is a good information from nokia website . http://www.nokia.ie/nokia/0,8764,29312,00.html . GPRS billing is done on usage basis like number of bytes uploaded/downloaded. But you do have plans like unlimited usage for as low as 500/month. Airtel gives that. Pankaj. NITYIN wrote: Hi Viplav.. thats interesting news... Hopefully someday the same technology may be available in our...
    Pankaj Sharma Mar 26, 2006
  • > Hi Tenzin, > > Thanks for highlighting this silly editorial. > I am also sending a letter to Mr. Editor, > questioning > about the whereabouts of the facts mentioned. > > I am also forwarding this to a popular English daily > in India, requesting them to carry out a story on > this > so that people in India should know about this. > > Regards, > Pankaj. >
    Pankaj Sharma Mar 4, 2006
  • Hi Guys, this is good information about the project. Can i get some photographs of this DAM from somewhere? --- sanjay versain wrote: > Hay, can you get me more details about this guy who > got the job using a fake certificate and any other > act of corruption which can be proved. Maybe I can > do a story about it in my paper. > > regards, > sanjay > > NITYIN wrote: > > A case...
    pankaj sharma Sep 15, 2005
  • Hi Arun, I am not sure, but if you are reffering to the same Perrot Systems which was HCL-Perrot Systems sometime back then its a nice offer to start with. One of my very good friends is working there. If you give me the specifics, i can check with him. Thanks.....Pankaj. Pandit Ji wrote: hi i m arun sharma . i m in final year ,doing engg i have got a job offer from a software...
    pankaj sharma Oct 30, 2004
  • hi

    hi, my name is pankaj. i belong to palampur in HP. wanted to meet people from the most beautiful place on earth. i am working as an engineer in US. just wanted to say "HI" to everybody in this group. Regards, Pankaj.
    pankaj_inf Aug 7, 2004