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Mobile Application Developers from small towns growing global

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  • R.K. Dhanvada
    The news at the end of this note is a very interesting read. Please read that first 1. Thanks the internet broadband, the resources are the same be it in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2012

      The news at the end of this note is a very interesting read. Please read that first

      1. Thanks the internet broadband, the resources are the same be it in Meerut or Mangalore  or Michigan. One can make on self learning resources of being developer of Mobile or iPad  etc.   Write back and I will give more pointer and never get trapped with street side IT training shops

      2. No need to rush to Metro for career when one can manageable life in small town. Small is always beautiful . That Nobel Prize winner also said .. The Metros with most of the time spent on road, the real meaningful life is in Tier II towns. So rightly said that its nearly half an hour for a U turn in Gurgaon and Hyderabad is beautiful only on Sundays or before 9 am or after 9 pm !! 

      3. Plan your  internships at these places beneath . For jobs they will be least impressed by your CV. Just a programme script is enough to demonstrate the capability

      4. I have known this Udupi Company way back and good to see him doing well.  

      5. Great career ahead for those into Mobile Game Development.  Please remain connected for that another Message Board of http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Gaming-Jobs/

      Revert when you wish to make an intelligent approach to the places where you always wanted to be and know them lot also. Research the beneath links

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      Mobile application entrepreneurs from the other India making millions

      Radhika P Nair, ET Bureau Mar 30, 2012, 03.06AM IST

      Mobile application entrepreneur Virat Khutal, founder of Twist Mobile, is just back from a trip to Vietnam, where he was scouting for office locations to set up a development centre. When ready in mid-2012, it will be the first remote development centre set up by an Indian mobile app company.

      Such global ambitions now define a growing swathe of start-ups from non-metro cities and towns, who are aiming for global app domination. App-entrepreneurs from Sonipat, Chandigarh, Udupi, Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Thiruvananthapuram believe that in an interconnected world, a good broadband facility and the right technical know-how are all that is required to make a mark on the global map.

      The genesis of the industry can be traced back to the launch, in 2008, of the Apple iStore, a marketplace where developers could upload applications and iPhone owners could download them. Subsequent launches of Nokia's Ovi store and Google's Android Market and the opening up of mobile platforms on which developers could create the apps built up the ecosystem in just a couple of years. The app stores and open platforms have l evelled the field, says Nitin Khanapurkar, Partner-Management Consulting at KPMG.

      "Earlier, only the big boys with marketing muscle could play. Now a small developer sitting in one corner of the world can target millions of users worldwide," adds Khanapurkar. In a 2011 report on the top 10 strategic technologies for 2012, Gartner forecast that by 2014, there will be more than 70 billion app downloads from app stores every year. Total mobile app revenues are also predicted to take off in the next five years, growing from $8.5 billion in 2011 to $46 billion in 2016, according to a report by ABI Research, a technology research company.


      "Cost of operations is considerably lower in smaller cities and towns," says Rohith Bhat, one of the first small town app-entrepreneurs to find global success. He shifted his company, Robosoft, from Mumbai to Mangalore and finally to the coastal town of Udupi.

      "Our location works in our favour. Everyone knows us as the 'Udupi company' and we have instant recall in the minds of clients." Twist Mobile's Khutal says many do not realise that non-metro cities and even smaller towns have also developed at a fast clip.

      "Internet is a level playing field. In non-metros the cost is about 30-40% lower than in metros," he adds. The 31-year-old entrepreneur launched Twist in 2009 and initially worked with telecom operators. But, the lack of willingness on the part of the operators to work directly with smaller players and the absence of transparency in revenue share led Khutal to pivot the business model.

      In late-2010 Khutal's team began to create apps for other businesses, but that was also not successful. In 2011, Twist began developing games that can be downloaded onto internet-ready feature phones. In just one year the company's apps have been downloaded over 50 million times, mainly on the Ovi store.


      The surfeit of engineering colleges in many of these cities and towns has also worked to the advantage of these entrepreneurs.

      "There is lesser competition for talent. Towns like Udupi have numerous engineering colleges, so getting good developers is also not very difficult," adds Robosoft's Bhat, whose company clocked `32 crore in revenues in FY 2011-12. Twist's Khutal points out that even IT biggies like Infosys and Wipro hire hundreds of students every year from the over 40 engineering colleges in Indore.

      "The salary cost is also lower and we find talent locally," says Hemant Kumar, co-founder of Sonipat-based Sinew Software Systems. The company started out in 2006 as a developer for other businesses and started creating its own apps for the Nokia Ovi store in 2009. The company's apps have been downloaded over a million times. FastTube, a YouTube browser for Nokia touch devices, was launched in February this year and has already crossed the half-million mark. EASE OF LIVING Many entrepreneurs are also opting to work out of smaller cities for the better lifestyle they offer.

      "I used to work in Gurgaon and I lived close to the office, but it would take me 30 minutes just to take the u-turn to office," says Tarun Khanna, CEO of Chandigarh-based Arch Mobile, which was launched in 2010 and makes high-end games for Nokia, Apple and Android devices. The company's apps have been downloaded over 25 million times just on Ovi. "Chandigarh has all the facilities and none of the issues of the bigger metros," adds Khanna.


      Many of these entrepreneurs also create applications for other businesses, including clients from abroad.

      "For sales we need to travel and where we are located does not make any difference," says Prafulla Mathur, founder of Jaipur-based Queppelin. Founded in 2010, Queppelin earns revenues by taking on projects from businesses and by licensing out its own apps to companies. Its first hit product was Zephyr, which allows live streaming of music on Apple, Android, Java and Symbian mobile handsets.

      The company also has an m-commerce application, which can be customised by e-commerce companies. Queppelin, which works with clients like Facebook, Aircel and Ibibo, is expanding its team to scale up its offerings for the South East Asian and African markets.

      "If we make apps with localised flavour it will be lapped up by the market there," says Twist's Khutal, who puts the South East Asian app market at 80-100 million users.


      Sinew's Kumar says while getting engineering graduates is not difficult, he provides in-house training to bring them up to speed with the latest technology. Ahmedabad-based SLKRavia Tech Labs, which creates mobile apps for clients across the world, has set up its own mobile app training institute to train students fresh out of college.

      "The colleges here do not have mobile development education. There are a number of job openings for developers but not enough trained personnel," says Viral Sonawala, co-founder of SLKRavia. However, the entrepreneurs say this is not a major concern and all are expanding their teams.

      "I have only one problem in Indore. I have to travel to Mumbai to fly out of the country," says Twist's Khutal.

      KIND OF APPS: Mix of games and productivity applications; has own apps and creates apps for clients APPS: Camera Plus, Game your Video, Nightclub Mayhem DOWNLOADS: Around 100 million, including downloads of apps created for clients 
      KIND OF APPS: Games for internetready Nokia feature phones APPS: Age Effect, Psycho Hunter, Sketch Effect DOWNLOADS: Over 50 million 
      KIND OF APPS: Mobile app solutions for clients on Apple, Android, Java and Symbian mobile handsets 
      APPS: Zephyr, Mshoppe, EkSMS 
      CLIENTS: Telecom operators and e-commerce companies 
      KIND OF APPS: Mobile app solutions, including games, for clients on Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry mobile handets 
      CLIENTS: Companies across United Germany, United Kingdom and Israel 

      KIND OF APPS: Productivity applications, which help users manage day to day issues APPS: FastTube, Walletx, Mr SMS, Mr Applock DOWNLOADS: Over 1 million 
      KIND OF APPS: High-end games for Nokia, Apple and Android devices APPS: Double Trap, Nuke Defender, Ship Defender DOWNLOADS: Over 25 million

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