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Museums and Social Issues: Culture and Sustainability resource - free downloads

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  • Pankaj
    From: Douglas Worts LEAD Canada, Cohort 6 douglas_worts@rogers.com Greetings colleagues! I m writing to let you know about the newest issue of Museums and
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      From: Douglas Worts
      LEAD Canada, Cohort 6

      Greetings colleagues!

      I'm writing to let you know about the newest issue of "Museums and Social
      Issues" (MSI) journal. The focus of the issue is "A Culture of
      Sustainability", which seems increasingly timely given the current and
      expanding concern for such issues as climate change, local/global violence,
      economic inequity and so on.

      How are museums responding to these shifting realities?... how could they
      be responding?... why should museums care? Each of these questions are
      discussed in the "A Culture of Sustainability" issue of the MSI journal.

      Until the end of January, Left Coast Press {www.lcoastpress.com}, the
      publisher of MSI, is making the journal available for FREE, as pdf

      This is an introductory offer to celebrate the launch of the new electronic
      download feature on their website. So, if you want to check out what some
      of the 'culture and sustainability' folks from Canada, Europe, the USA,
      Europe and Australia have to say about the challenges and opportunities of
      engaging the 'sustainability agenda' by museums, then go to
      (http://lcoastpress.metapress.com/content/120188} and select "Number 2 /
      Fall 2006". This brings you to the following page, the url for which is
      longer than one line, so you may have to copy and paste:

      {http://lcoastpress.metapress.com/content/x4114303lnl0/?p=9e452a433ae6416d8353cf6422214225?=0} At this point, each article in the issue is listed, with the author, titleand text (which states it is in pdf format, and it also states the filesize). Just click on the pdf link and the article will start to download inpdf format. If you check out the journal, you'll get a good feeling for the distinctcharacter of MSI and hopefully think of it as a place for engaging indiscussion about the cultural and social issues of our times and theirpotential meaningfulness for the museum profession. Best wishes for 2007! Douglas Worts Culture and Sustainability Specialist (Interpretive Planner, Canadian Art, Art Gallery of Ontario) Toronto, Ontario, Canadadouglas_worts@...> personal website: <www.geocities.com/dcworts>>> _____________________________________> LEAD International accepts no liability for the content of this email, orfor the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the informationprovided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. Anyviews or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author anddo not necessarily represent those of LEAD International.> _____________________________________> LEAD International ** Sundial House, 114 Kensington High Street, London W84NP, UK ** http://www.lead.org>
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