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TRINet Newsletter October 2011

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    [image: Good morning.gif] Having problems reading this email? Please click here to view online version. * *Koodankulam Agitation
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2011
      [image: Good morning.gif]

      Having problems reading this email? Please click
      to view online version.
      *Koodankulam Agitation and the Increasing Onus on Communities *

      [image: Koodankulam.jpg]
      *Photo source: The Hindu

      The anti-nuclear movement against the Koodankulam project, the agitation
      against the POSCO project and numerous other violations upon the environment
      and local communities by the administration is increasingly pointing towards
      the fact that the onus of safeguarding the environment now rests squarely on
      the shoulders of local communities. The government seems to have no long
      term interests and elected representatives are only concerned about their
      terms in office (more <http://trinet.in/?q=node/743>).

      *Tamil Nadu got most Thermal Plant
      *Pointing out that about 50,000 acres of forest land was allotted for mining
      and power projects, the study conducted by the Centre for Science and
      Environment revealed that Tamil Nadu was granted the most clearances for
      thermal power plants -- 37.

      [image: checkdam.jpg]
      A check dam in Kanyakumari

      *Fighting Drought With Check Dams <http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=52162>
      Gazing out at the lush greenery that surrounds the village of Salaita in
      northern India, a smile of satisfaction appears on retired army general
      A.P.S. Chauhan's face. "Hard to imagine now, but these were dusty ravines
      just two or three years ago," he told IPS.

      *Greed eyeing Green <http://www.d-sector.org/article-det.asp?id=1697>
      *Green capitalism a distraction from the real issues that the world needs to
      address to realize sustainable development?

      *A Man to match his Mountains*
      Chandi Prasad Bhatt said that for him every river was a Ganga, a source of
      life and renewal, abused or ill-treated at one's peril. His work has been an
      education for others, writes Ramachandra Guha.

      *My Fossil Fuels, your Land
      The BioCarbon Fund promises to plant trees across a swathe of Himachal
      Pradesh, amidst questions about the environmental value and fairness of the
      program. Sudhirendar Sharma reports.

      *The Sindhol Power
      Three more hydropower plants on the Mahanadi, which already has the Hirakud
      dam, will mean that the river will be dammed four times in a100-km stretch,
      virtually killing it. To what lengths is thegovernment prepared to go to
      serve the interests of water-guzzlingindustry, ask communities and activists
      who are strongly resistingthe Sindhol project.

      *Requiem for sustainable, subsistence
      *In Ladakh, the dzo has been replaced by the tractor, organic manureby
      chemical fertilisers, and indigenous crops by vegetables for thetourist
      market. A whole culture of agriculture is dead.

      [image: Shipaground.jpg]
      Laws of the Sea<http://infochangeindia.org/environment/analysis/laws-of-the-sea.html>
      *Three recent oil spills off the Mumbai coast have drawn attention to the
      fact that India, which has 11 major and 20 minor ports, still doesnot have
      the response systems to handle oil spills that were mandated by a 1993 law.

      *In search of their
      *The villagers of Chilika Dand, and 16 other villages in U.P., have had to
      relocate their homes twice and still don't own the plots on which their
      houses stand.

      *Seeking BHS <http://www.mylaw.net/Article/Seeking_BHS/>*
      India's Biological Diversity Act, 2002 (�the BD Act�) put forth a framework
      under which the use of biological resources and related knowledge could be
      regulated through a largely centralised decision-making process. Access,
      says the Act, needs to to go hand-in-hand with an equitable sharing of
      benefits for which procedures and guidelines are being worked out.

      Disaster Management:

      [image: sikkim-earthquake.jpg]
      Earthquake survivor in Sikkim

      *Poor news coverage of Sikkim
      *After more than 36 hours a few national TV channels managed to reach
      Sikkim. Their news capsules were buried between Modi�s fast and Ranbir
      Kapoor�s new release. The satellite channels aired from Guwahati were
      quicker and more pro-active in their response, though there was much left to
      be desired in their reporting.

      *Tsunami experts ask Indian media to set up Standard Operating
      *Tsunami experts drawn out from the Asia Pacific region asked the
      Indianmedia to set up a Standard Operating Procedure to take on future

      *Scientists in the dock over L'Aquila
      *Next week six scientists and an official go on trial in Italy for
      manslaughter over the earthquake in L'Aquila that killed 309 people two
      years ago.

      Book Review:

      [image: Banking on forests.jpg]

      *Banking on Forests - Assets for a Climate Cure?
      *By Kanchi Kohli and Manju Menon
      The governance of forests in India has been a complex realm to unravel. Due
      to the multiple claims to ownership, jurisdiction and management of forests
      through India's modern history, forests have remained a subject of intrigue
      for all those trying to understand the complex legalities that have operated
      within a single space. It is in this arena that the legal processes for the
      diversion of forests for non forest use has been practiced.

      The strategies of valuation of and compensation of forest loss are central
      to forest regulation in India. They have converted forests into
      decontextualised, mobile and tradable commodities between regions. The
      present book seeks to explain how this is achieved and look at the
      continuity between the domestic regulation on forests and the new
      abstractions created by the climate change discourse in the form of REDD and
      REDD+. While the models of valuation differ, the effects on the
      commodification of forests deepen as greater mobility is created and trading
      across countries and continents is made possible through real time climate
      mitigation plan and forestry schemes.
      For copies please write to: kalpavriksh.delhi@....

      [image: Giant sunfish.jpg]
      *Pacific Ocean Giant Sunfish

      *Swimming with the Giant
      *Marine biologist Tierney Thys asks us to step into the water to visit the
      world of the Mola mola, or giant ocean sunfish. Basking, eating jellyfish
      and getting massages, this behemoth offers clues to life in the open sea.

      TRINet DeBunk:

      [image: humans.jpg]

      *The Uniqueness of Humans <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrCVu25wQ5s>
      *Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological
      sciences, neurosurgery and biological sciences speaks about the uniqueness
      of humans in relation to the rest of the animal world. A few of the topics
      he spoke on include aggression, theory of mind, the golden rule and

      *50 Hardwired, Irrational Brain Biases <http://www.brainbiases.com/>
      *We come into this world with a hidden repertoire of biases that seduce us
      into acting irrationally in a variety of common situations. By producing
      fast decisions and strong actions, these behaviors were adaptive, enabled us
      to survive in a hunter-gatherer environment. Most biases operate outside
      conscious awareness. This article is mainly about identifying them. That's
      the hard part. But once a bias has been identified, correcting it is
      straightforward and mechanical. Each one becomes a point of inquiry.

      Having problems reading this email? Please click
      to view online version.

      *TRINet <http://www.trinet.in/> - The Resource and Information Network for
      the Coast, *
      BEDROC <http://www.bedroc.in/>, No.5, Mettu Bungalow, New Beach Road,
      Kadambadi, Nagapattinam - 611 001, India.

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