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  • Deepak Jagga
    Mar 1, 2009
      can you elaborate your requirement a bit more?  Do you have any preference for a particular database like MySql, javadb etc.
      Also what about the UI i.e. do you want to use it as an application for yourself or you want to list the contents over the internet as a website.
      Then which programming language is to be used for the UI.

      Thank you

      Deepak Jagga

      On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 12:03 PM, manu sood <soodm_67@...> wrote:

      Hello Everybody there!

      I am a professor of Computer Science in H.P. University, Shimla.

      I am interested in creating a database of all the teachers who are teaching computer related subjects/courses in various Govt, Govt-aided as well as private colleges of our state. Can you people help me in doing so. What I an basically interested is in
      a) Name of the teacher
      b) Qualification profile
      c) Teaching experience
      d) Name of the College along with its address where teaching at present
      e) Email ID
      f) Mobile no.

      A little help form those of you who can, will go a long way in the common interest of the individuals as well as the state.

      With best wishes,

      Dr. Manu Sood
      Associate Professor
      Dept of Computer Science
      H.P. University
      Shimla - 171 005
      Mobile No.: 09418309695

      From: prashant sharma <prashant_thecoolguy@...>
      To: apnahimachal@...
      Sent: Monday, 23 February, 2009 11:36:13 AM
      Subject: [apnahimachal] introduction

      My name is Prashant Sharma and i belong to Village Kosri,Tehsil: -Palampur, Distt: Kangra.
      I am brought up in chandigarh and presently working in Ranbaxy in Gurgaon.
      Prashant Sharma

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