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3287New Moderators Needed !!!

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  • skranamail
    Oct 23, 2009
      Dear All,

      As you know the Apnahimachal Group has come a long way. Today, we
      have member strength of more then 550 Himachal lovers from all over
      the world. Till today, the group has been looked after by Sanjeev Rana
      (Owner), Rajesh, Sanjeev, Dipti (Moderators).

      Now the need is felt to introduce 4-5 more moderators so
      that the group becomes more active with new ideas and make it more
      interesting forum, where members can suggest, recommend and share
      their viewpoint. More useful information/database pertaining to
      Himachal could be uploaded in the group's files; also Himachalis can
      exchange their grievances and help each other, e.g., any information
      required regarding education, employment, personal, food, anything
      could asked for. It could also serve as platform to exchange
      matrimonial resumes.

      So, we would like our active members in the past one-year to forward
      their names for becoming additional moderators to apnahimachal-
      owner@... by 10th November, 2009.

      There are 30% to 40% female members, but, very few are active.
      Female members are especially requested to forward their names for
      becoming moderator in this group.

      Only those members should forward their names who can spare some
      time for the group and have regular internet access.

      Moderators will have right to read the emails submitted by members
      and forward it. Moderators can add news, additional ideas, requests,
      contests etc.

      The decision of selection as moderator solely rests with owner of
      Apnahimachal Group.

      With warm regards
      Moderators Team,