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3536Himachal Swabhiman Party launched

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  • chandwani01
    Aug 9, 2011
      Himachal Swabhiman Party launched
      Lalit Mohan
      Tribune News Service

      Dharamsala, August 9
      Certain former employee leaders and intellectuals from the state have announced the formation of a new political outfit, the Himachal Swabhiman Party, that has raised many an eyebrow in the state.

      The new party was launched at a function organised at Dharamsala today. A former BJP ideologue who is now considered close to the movement started by Baba Ramdev, Govindacharya, was present at the party-launch ceremony.

      Speaking on the occasion, Govindacharya said people were looking for an alternative to the present political parties in the country.

      Parties like the Himachal Swabhiman Party would provide the alternative.

      Subhash Sharma, president of the party, when asked whether he had the support of the Bharat Swabhiman Manch formed under the aegis of Baba Ramdev, said the presence of Govindacharya at their function illustrated the support.

      "We will enrol 1 lakh members in the coming days and extend support to the movements of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev," he said.

      The formation of the Himachal Swabhiman Party and the presence of Govindacharya at its launch programme has started having its effect. Some are suspecting that the party may be having the tacit support of estranged BJP MP from Kangra Rajan Sushant