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3542Poor condition of road deters tourists from visiting Kasauli

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  • chandwani01
    Dec 20, 2011
      Poor condition of road deters tourists from visiting Kasauli
      Ambika Sharma

      Solan, December 20
      The inordinate delay in repairing the Dharampur-Sanawar road and the poor upkeep of the Dharampur-Kasauli road was acting as a big deterrent to weekend tourists from Chandigarh and its surroundings.

      Though work to broaden and improve the Dharampur-Sanawar road has been going on for the past almost a year, its slow pace and substandard work had made its condition even worse.

      The large number of potholes not only make driving bumpy but the incessant digging of the road had also increased the formative width so much so that it occupies almost half the road at several places thus reducing it to a kutcha road.

      Motorists travelling to Kasauli said though they had been preferring the Sanawar road to reach Kasauli from Dharampur, its condition had deteriorated considerably.

      Though the PWD was digging side lanes and the road was being broadened, the tardy pace of work had reduced the utility of the road and motorists were preferring the other road through Pinegrove School to reach Kasauli.

      With the winters having set in, the PWD was now packing the potholes with mud though it should be using stones so as to add strength to the road.

      This was, however, a futile exercise and rains would wreck more damage to the already potholed road. Since no black top can be laid from November to mid-March due to inclement weather, the road was left to wither more in these winter months.

      Adding to the woes of motorists was the poor upkeep of the Dharampur-Kasauli road, which despite having been laid with a black top about two months ago had started showing potholes.

      However, officials of the PWD said the work on the Sanawar road would be completed soon and the contractor had been directed to complete the work at the earliest.